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was conceived right after my daughter was born. When I was pregnant with her, I clearly knew that I wanted a natural pregnancy and natural birth. I knew I wanted a midwife instead of a doctor, and I wanted do deliver “on my terms”. With these specific goals in mind, I did so much research online. I was searching for information, inspiration, stories of people who have successfully done what I was setting out to accomplish. But it was incredibly hard to find any of this still “unpopular” information, especially condensed in one place. 

So I decided to create this space. Three months after Mia was born, I wrote a book and created this website housing all the information that has helped me have an amazing natural pregnancy and wonderful natural birth. I knew it would help so many women after me get and stay inspired, nurture their faith in the vision they have for themselves, and deepen the trust in their bodies and divinely designed ability to birth a child. 

Over the years, this website grew to be one of the leading platforms for inspiration on natural pregnancy and natural childbirth, helped thousands of women deliver naturally, was published in Collective Evolution and Natural News, and the book has become a treasured heart-warming go-to guide of inspiration and empowerment for thousands of women. 


I am a mother to two wonderful children Mia and Alexander, wife to my incredible husband Cherokee, writer and speaker, intuitive guide and spiritual leader, graphic designer and photographer. But of all the diverse hats I wear, my deepest passion is helping people, and that is what I aspire to do with this site and my book. 


“I am not afraid. I was born to do this.” – Joan Of Arc