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Natural Pregnancy & Natural Childbirth Video Course

Hi there, I hope you are all doing well and I am coming to you today with something very exciting. A couple of months ago I teamed up with basmati.com to make a video course where I tell you all about natural pregnancy and how to make it a success, and it is finally here. In this course I combined [...]

How We Started Co-Sleeping

Image Source When I was pregnant I did much research on co-sleeping, but was too scared to even think of trying it. Why? Because of all those horror stories in the media about how mother rolled over over a child and the child suffocated. The mere recollection of these sent chills down my spine, and I never [...]

This Was Not Easy | How My Pregnancy Changed My Life

As you know, recently I started a YouTube channel for our community where I post videos about natural pregnancy and natural childbirth, I share everything I have learned on my journey, as well as research facts I can find. I also create useful playlists that contain organized information for you to watch - all about natural living, live birth videos, [...]

10 Reasons To Go Without The Needle And Consider A Natural Childbirth

Amazing image courtesy of mamanaturalbirth.com Published on Collective Evolution. I have observed natural childbirth to be a topic of a lot of heated debates online. One camp, to which I belong, prefers to do it "the way nature intended", without pain killers and interventions, and another camp wonders why not use methods of pain management and full elimination [...]

How To Survive And Enjoy Natural Labor – 7 Practical Tips

How To Survive And Enjoy Natural Labor - 7 Practical Tips   Amazing image via www.health-foundations.com (source) Published by Collective Evolution and Blog.NaturalNews.com Natural labor is not the easiest of tasks. But we choose it anyway to remain fully connected to experience of childbirth, to protect our babies from harsh chemicals entering their blood stream, to ensure more [...]


A lot has been said lately about breastfeeding, breastfeeding in public, breastfeeding on social media. But has it been enough? Probably not, since the issue of shaming public breastfeeding is still arsing. I am fiercely for any form of breastfeeding, for as long as my baby sees fit, where she needs it. And if you don't like watching me do [...]

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