Close Your Eyes And Create Your New Life

  • How to have a better life | Close your eyes and create your new life / Katya Turner / I Was Made To Do This / Ispirational Content for Natural Pregnancy and Fear-Free Natural Childbirth
How to have a better life | Close your eyes and create your new life / Katya Turner / I Was Made To Do This / Ispirational Content for Natural Pregnancy and Fear-Free Natural Childbirth

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Close your eyes and imagine a place you would like to be…

Is it a tropical paradise?
Is it a loving embrace of a loved one?
Is it a summer beach walk with your child?
Is it a stage where you finally get to be heard?
How does it feel? Does it feel warm? Do you feel warm breeze on your skin? Or the soft touch of that special someone? Do you feel the warm honey in your chest spread all around you now?
Allow yourself to be in your perfect world for a little.
Allow yourself to feel good just thinking about all these amazing things: the perfect places, perfect people, perfect feeling, perfect plan…

Did that not feel wonderful? I bet it was amazing !!!

 Now think back to the time that you were stressing out, thinking over and over about something that was not in your power to change. Was it after a job interview? Or was it over the recent upsetting news story? Or was it over somebody liking or accepting you? Or an event in the past you wish to go back and change. Did you feel your stomach tense up? Did you just feel that immediate resistance that came from thinking about negative or stressful things.

I bet you did. And this time it’s actually amazing that you did.
Because now me and you are in a place where we can make a conscious choice.
Do we want to spend just even 10 minutes a day worrying about something we can not change, feeling negative physical feelings as a result, or do we want to feel the honey all over our chest, thinking about all the things we want: things we want to accomplish, places we want to visit, people we want to be surrounded with, all the good we want to see around ourselves and experience.
As we have concluded before, just by thinking it you already experience it. So why not choose it. If all we can change RIGHT NOW is how to spend the next ten minutes, lets choose happiness, lets choose peace, lets choose flow, lets choose abundance. And let the Law Of Attraction do the rest.
You vision is not just a daydream.
By creating a vision you can feel tangible results INSTANTLY. As those ten minutes we just spent thinking about all that stuff we want actually made us feel good. Physically. By creating a vision you bring yourself an inch closer to actually living it, no matter how unrealistic it might be (or so says the bitch on your shoulder.)
By creating a vision and spending time with it, you not only help yourself but also those around you.  As by spending less time worrying and over-thinking, you spend that exact amount of time relaxing in your created perfection. That helps you be more at ease, more flowing and less resistant, and consequently less reactive to your outer world. You snap less, you judge less, you understand and empathize. Magic 🙂
And even if you don’t believe anything I just described, even if you don’t come close any Law Of Attraction articles, even if you think I am calling you to waste time here, I know that in the midst of worry, fear, resistance you can think back to this article, and
choose the 10 minutes of dreams versus the 10 minutes of worry.
And just like that, create the life of your dreams. <3
Want more tips on how to create your vision and not forget about it the next day? Here are my practical tools on how to see your vision into happening, and if nothing else, just spend more of those amazing 10 minutes.
Do you dream? What do you dream about? Here, I’ll start. I dream about sharing this message WIDE. I dream about educating millions and millions of people on the importance of having a vision and connecting to your inner truth, inner knowing. I dream about educating our children about how not to lose yourself and your spark, how to build the New Earth with mindfulness, compassion and love. What about you? Share it with me in the comments below, and don’t forget to share this article with your friends. Everybody could use a better 10 minutes 😉
Love, Katya <3
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