How to Prepare for the New Year: Physically, Spiritually and Energetically

How to prepare for the new year physically, spiritually and energetically2016 is a little over a week away, and I could not be more excited.

[ insert dancing a jig here ]

Although 2015 has been an amazing year full of happiness, joy, peace, positive change and tremendous spiritual growth, I am in love with the energy of new beginnings, new opportunities, new life, and therefore I am here busy as a bee preparing 🙂

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE my prepping rituals, so today I wanted to share them with you in hopes that they will be as helpful to you as they always are to me.

The first thing I always do is

1. Do a Year Review

I start with this one in the beginning of December, really. I can already sense the New Year coming, so I get on with my prep. I love looking back at the passing year, and noting to myself what I have accomplished, areas of my life where I have grown, all the good things that happened to me, all the new amazing people I have met. Today, looking back, I am so proud of myself for what I have accomplished in 2015. Last year I promised to myself to truly live from the heart, to stop compromising who I am and what I want, and to live, speak, and breathe my passion. And I have done just that, with this very website being a big part of it. This brought me so much joy, so much happiness and inner peace, that I will preach this until I’m blue in the face : Live from your heart and follow your heart’s desires <3


2. De-clutter

In other words, get rid of anything that no longer serves you. Look through your drawers, closets, on top of the fridge ( yup, can’t let that pile go any longer), and get rid of everything you are not using. If it is not improving the quality of your life on a consistent basis, it is just taking up space. The objective here is to cleanse the energy of your home, getting rid of old stale energy to make room for the new to take its place. Go through your closet and get rid of everything you have not worn for a year or what don’t vibe with anymore. Go through your storage, reorganize it, make sure that you only keep things that you actually use. Don’t throw away anything that ended up being in the “get-rid-of” pile, donate it instead. Last year I donated so much to our local thrift store, and this year it just hit home. I don’t want people to have to pay for all this stuff. I want to make sure it is available for free for all the people in need. So this year I am taking it all to women’s shelter- all clothing I don’t plan on wearing anymore, old computers, old makeup. And my hubby is taking all his stuff to the homeless shelter. The fact that all this “stuff” is actually so needed by so many people and will bring them great warmth, happiness and joy, melts my heart.


3. Smudge

Or burn sage at home. Smudging is scientifically proven to help cleanse (source). I love it with passion. When I smudge, I also light a candle and say a prayer for my house. I ask God to help cleanse my home of all the energy that does not serve us, and leave only that of Divine Love. Adding an intention to smudging can be even more powerful. Pray and affirm your intention while burning sage, and your home will feel so much lighter and happier.Make sure to do it only if you vibe with it and really enjoy it. If you feel like this is too out there for your beliefs or comfort zone, don’t force it.


4. Refresh yourself

After you have refreshed your surroundings, it is time to cleanse and refresh yourself. Get a haircut, mani-pedi, new outfit – anything that helps you feel fresh and light. As remember, what you feel you attract. And we definitely want to feel light during the year, as opposed to heavy and run-down.


5. Get a new wallet

Every year I religiously repeat this ritual. Not only it helps me feel fresh, but I attribute a very important role to it – inviting abundance and refreshing my financial life. May be I haven’t noticed some creative avenues of income, or I have been blocking my own flow. Getting a new wallet always helps me refresh on my view of money, wealth and abundance, and let this energy flow to me freely.


6. Define your goals for the upcoming year

After refreshing all the areas of your life that you feel needed, it is time for creating the new. You know my one rule: have a vision. It works wonders f0r me every time I apply it to myself and my life situations – big or small. When preparing for the New Year, I make a list of my goals: what I want to achieve, what areas of myself I intend to work on, what trips I want to make, what career path I envision for myself etc. Do just that. Design a perfect case scenario for yourself. It doesn’t have to make sense, it just have to feel good, and reflect what you really want in life.


7. Make a Vision Board

Put that vision you just created in a visual format. Pick images and graphics that not only reflect the essence of what you want, but also the feeling associated with it. Let’s say you want to finally quit that 9 to 5 this upcoming year. Think: how is it going to feel when you do so? Will you feel joy? Freedom? Expansiveness? Pick images for your board that reflect those feelings.  It really works! Here is a little New Years story for you <3

When 2014 was ending I was pregnant, rapidly changing (read about all the changes here), in search for something meaningful, for that “something more” to fill my soul with. Then I made my first ever vision board. I filled it mostly with images of happy family and happy healthy babies, and on top I had space leftover. Without thinking too much I placed an image of the sky there with this message over it: ” I know and live my life’s purpose”. I was in desperate search for my purpose back then, and now, looking back, I can not believe it took me less than a year to find it and too start actually living it. Till this day I am in utter awe of this, and creating visions and vision boards is my second profession 🙂


8. Get a new calendar

What can feel like a new start better than a new calendar. Better yet, a desk calendar ( if you work at the desk) – you will be looking at it for the most part of that year to come. If you do not work at the desk, get a hanging calendar, and place it where you would look at it often. Now the most important part: make sure that calendar feels good to you. If you like cats – get one with cats, if you dream of living on the beach in Hawaii, get one with beautiful beach landscapes, if you are into fashion or design, get something elegant or trendy. No matter what applies here, make sure you want to look at it, as it feels so so good.


9. Get a new planner

What can be more exciting than getting a new planner? Or is it just me, that nerdy? 🙂 Nah, I know you secretly like it too. Find a good one. Again, the one that feels good, that you can not wait to open and start writing in.  This yeah I found mine in TjMaxx. They have gorgeous girly planners and journals there, and one of them is mine now, and I look at it with a smile every day. Waiting like a schoolgirl to start writing in it. <3


10. Get a new book

You know, the book, that you have been eyeballing for so long, but never could get to. Or a new release that you have been waiting for. Get yourself this gift of a new journey, new inspiration, new accomplishments, new revelations that this book can help you achieve. For me the New Year’s new book will be The Book Of Mastery by Paul Selig, that I have been drooling over and waiting for for some time. It come out January 5, and this is an amazing present for myself for this New Year.

Oh, these preparations are so so exciting! <3 How do you get ready for the New Year? Do you have any little rituals of your own? Share them with me in the comments below! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you!

Love, Katya <3


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