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Hi there, I hope you are all doing well and I am coming to you today with something very exciting. A couple of months ago I teamed up with basmati.com to make a video course where I tell you all about natural pregnancy and how to make it a success, and it is finally here. In this course I combined my knowledge so far with newly found wisdom after having my second child. it all came together in a more whole, grounded way than anything that I have created before.

In these 5 videos I tell you all that I know about natural pregnancy, what is natural pregnancy, what are the principles behind it, and how to achieve it. I also go trimester by trimester to tell you all the tools and mindsets and practices that I have learned that helped me make my pregnancy an inspiring and happy one. I also talk a lot about natural childbirth, how to prepare for labor, tips and tricks on how to survive and enjoy natural childbirth. And in the end, I cover the first few weeks postpartum and share with you all that I have learned “on the job” twice now.

I have also created this beautiful workbook to go with the course. In the workbook I encourage you to apply all the knowledge I am giving you and take the first steps towards building an amazing life during your pregnancy. It can help you remember all I tell you better, integrate it into YOUR life and YOUR routines, and simply have fun in the process. You can download the workbook here.

Episode 1. What Is Natural Pregnancy And What Is It All About 

Here I tell you my story of pregnancy and natural home birth of my first child. I talk about what is natural pregnancy, why is it amazing to have and the benefits of a natural approach for mama, baby and father. I talk about a huge main component of natural pregnancy that is far from chemical-less life, but mostly have to do with accessing your inner wisdom and guidance within. This episode is profound, and life-changing if you let it.



Episode 2. First Trimester Of Your Natural Pregnancy

In this episode I tell you about my first trimester, and share with you what I believe can make your first trimester of your natural pregnancy a success. I give you the tools I have used and am still using that can lead you to experience beautiful holistic pregnancy, deep connection to self and your baby, and inspired life overall.



Episode 3. Second Trimester Of Your Natural Pregnancy

In this episode I tell you about my second trimester, and share with you more tools and practices that can make this time of growth and change a pleasant one.



Episode 4. Third Trimester & Labor. How To Prepare For And Survive Natural Childbirth

In this episode I tell you my story of my third trimester and natural home birth with my first child Mia. I also give you all my tips and techniques on how to go through natural labor and even enjoy it. Our bodies are powerful beyond measure and very smart, and in this episode I tell you all I know and have learned about it from my own experience. I also made you a fun Labor Cheat Sheet that is a part of the workbook, and you can download it here.


Episode 5. First Few Weeks Postpartum. How To Transition Into Motherhood With Ease And Minimize Stress

This episode is so very special to me. Here I talk about something I really learned from zero, from ground up, on the job. Becoming a mom twice now had me learn and re-learn all this a couple of times. But here I am, sharing with you all I know about how to make the first few weeks after childbirth amazing for you, new mama, and for the baby, and for the father. I talk about breastfeeding, the first hour, bonding with your baby, accepting help, sleeping, your concerns and the importance of doing nothing. Enjoy and plan ahead!



I hope that you enjoy these videos and make the most of the workbook. I hope that me sharing my experience will help enrich your life and inspire the change you are striving for. Yay to connected holistic living, natural childbirth, trusting our bodies and allowing nature do its job through us while we witness the miracle of creation and personal transformation within!

Do you have more to add about your holistic pregnancy? Do you have more questions or concerns? Let’s exchange stories and help each other in the comments below! And if you like this video course, I think you will enjoy my book I WAS MADE TO DO THIS – Inspiring Guide To Natural Pregnancy And Fear-Free Natural Childbirth

Love, Katya

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