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Video blogs following natural pregnancies week by week, belly shots, symptoms,live birth videos, and more.

Danielle Baby Bliss | Pregnancy #1

This girl is an absolute delight. She is so positive, so vibrant, that just hearing her speak will brighten your day. I was watching this pregnancy blog over and over when I was pregnant just because it made me feel good.

Danielle Baby Bliss | Pregnancy #2

Same awesome girl, second pregnancy week by week with a toddler in hand. Ending with amazing home birth video. This one is not in playlist format, but you can start here.

Mama Natural | Pregnancy #1

This mama knows her stuff and will share all about it. Watch her weekly updates, as she embarks on all-natural pregnancy journey.

Mama Natural | Pregnancy #2

Second time around, with a ton of experience behind her belt, Mama Natural shares with us her second pregnancy updates.

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