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When I got pregnant with my first child,

I knew I did not want to do pregnancy or childbirth the “conventional” way. Something about how I saw it portrayed in the media felt very off to me. I knew I did not want a screaming doctor in my delivery room. I did not know if I wanted a delivery room. I did not want countless medications and interventions. I wanted peace, comfort, and to be able to give my body a chance to do what it was made to do. If you are pregnant or plan on conceiving soon and feel a similar way, read on.

At first, I was a bit lost

because I felt very alone and isolated with my vision. But the more I talked to my fiancé, the more I sat with my thoughts, the more I felt right about what I wished for myself, my daughter, my pregnancy and my labor.
At the time there was not too many resources available to sustain my positive vibe, so I looked and looked, and found more every day (this website houses a collection of all resources I used to stay focused and feed my vision positive vibes).
I kept cultivating positive momentum, and my life slowly started to change.

I became so focused, so at ease, so happy and positive.

I genuinely trusted life, my body, and my inner knowing. It was deeply transformative, and after I gave birth to my healthy baby daughter, I decided that this information needed to be shared.
If I had such a powerful joyful positive pregnancy and such a successful labor without an ounce of fear or emotional distress,

I knew it could be possible for other women as well.

So I wrote a book about it.

In the book I tell you my full story of transformation from smoking RedBull-drinking overachiever into a grounded, connected, calm, peaceful woman who trusts herself and the universe (God), who listens to herself and who allows herself to make choices that are right for her.
I tell you all about my pregnancy and what exactly I did to keep it so positive and easy, when the world was crashing and burning around me (my husband losing a business, on the verge of bankruptcy, no gas money to get to our own wedding).

I also tell you what I learned about labor, how to make it easy, fast, comfortable, even joyful.

In the book I share with you:

  • My story of pregnancy and labor
  • My daily practices that kept me focused and happy
  • My tips on how to connect with yourself
  • How to trust yourself
  • How to connect with your baby 
  • How and why to start meditating
  • How to infuse your life with joy no matter what is happening
  • How to set and maintain boundaries
  • How to ward off unwelcome advice
  • How to create a vision for your pregnancy and life
  • How to get through and enjoy natural childbirth
  • And many more juicy details of my story in hopes to inspire and empower you to trust yourself and have a positive pregnancy and easy labor

Read on any device!

Download the PDF, and read on your desktop, mobile, tablet, or add to iBooks. And afterwards,share your feedback, exchange stories, experience, and bask in more inspiration in our Facebook community


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