This Was Not Easy | How My Pregnancy Changed My Life

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As you know, recently I started a YouTube channel for our community where I post videos about natural pregnancy and natural childbirth, I share everything I have learned on my journey, as well as research facts I can find.

I also create useful playlists that contain organized information for you to watch – all about natural living, live birth videos, tips, inspiring stories, how-tos, meditations and much more.

And I knew that the vital part for those who find our community on YouTube would be to know my back story, where I came from, all the transformations that happened to me during pregnancy and why I do this work.

But it was way harder than I thought it would.

It is one thing to share about your personal life, abortion, miscarriages in a book, than sitting in front of a camera with the whole world watching.

But I am glad I did, and am hopeful that it will serve you and all the people who will cross paths with this video, I hope it inspires you to listen to your inner guidance in your pregnancy and childbirth, and believe in yourself and in your body, that was so perfectly designed to do it.

Love, Katya <3

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